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Term 3 Newsletter

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Term 3 Newsletter 2023
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Term 3 Newsletter 2023

As always term 3 was as crazy as ever! This term has included our Ballet students completing their RAD exams, many of our students competing in the Goondiwindi APEX Eisteddfod, and our Jazz and Tap students successfully completed exams with Comdance. It’s fair to say that holidays are sounding pretty good.

Week 10 viewing week!

A reminder that week 10 (11th-16th September) is parent viewing week for all dance classes. So, if you would like to sit in a watch the lesson, please feel free, otherwise wait for the big reveal come our end of year shows!

Goondiwindi APEX Eisteddfod Results

I am so incredibly proud of all our students and the hard work they have put into making this massive week at the Goondiwindi APEX Eisteddfod possible. I love watching our students up on stage not just in dance sections but seeing their many talents in instrumental, speech, vocal and choral. A big thank-you should also go to all those family and friends that supported our students in their endeavours. It can take a lot of courage to perform in front of an audience, especially in a competitive environment.

Some of our amazing results are listed below:

* Pip Mooney, Jazz Solo 11yrs - Highly Commended * Imerie Walsh & Parker Smith, 13yrs and under Jazz Duo - 3rd * Issy Toop and Lexi Boyd, 13yrs and under Jazz Duo * 6-7yrs Jazz group 9yrs and under – Highly Commended * 8-9yrs Jazz group 9yrs and under - 3rd * 10-12yrs Jazz group 13yrs and under – Highly Commended * 13-18yrs Jazz group 18yrs and under - 3rd * Adult ballet group for Open Classical -1st * 6-7yrs Slow modern/Lyrical group 9yrs and under - 1st * 8-9yrs contemporary group 9yrs and under - 1st * 10-12yrs contemporary group 13yrs and under - 1st * 13-18yrs contemporary group 18yrs and under - 2nd * Jasmine Marsh & Emma Cowley & Lucy Cowley 18yrs and under Slow Modern Trio - 1st * Adelaide O’Connor Tap Solo 7-8yrs - 3rd * 6-7yrs tap group 9yrs and under - 3rd * 8-9yrs tap group 9yrs and under - 2nd * Megan Montgomery Tap Solo 12yrs – Highly Commended * Megan and Heath Montgomery Tap duo 13yrs and under - 2nd * 10-11yrs Tap group 13yrs and under – Highly Commended * 12-13yrs Tap group 13yrs and under, Highly Commended

A big congratulations to all our RAD ballet students and Comdance Tap and Jazz students who completed their exams this term. This year we were lucky enough to have examiners come out to Gundy and watch the exams in person instead of through a camera which is always a better experience for our students.

We are still awaiting our ballet results to arrive in the post but it shouldn’t be too much longer. I do know whoever that all students have successfully passed their exams.

As for our Tap and Jazz exams we did extremely well this year. Not only did all our students pass their respective exams, but we also went well above.

* 8 of students received a Commended score between 75-79%,

* 23 students received a Highly Commended with a score between 80-84%

* 3 students received Honours for scoring between 85-94%

* and 1 student Pip Mooney received Honours Plus for her Grade 2 Tap exam for scoring above 95%

Amazing results across the board and it is great to see more students each year giving the exam process ago.

Acro and RAD Ballet classes with overlapping times to prepare for combined dances in term 4

Like in previous years some of our Acro and ballet students will be combining with other classes for their 2nd dance. I really enjoy being able to allow our students to work with older or more skilled students to hopefully inspire them for their future lessons.

To facilitate these combined dances and allow for some practice time together I would like to extend the times of the following classes so we can have some crossover.

- Grade 1 Ballet, Thursday 3:30-4:40pm

- Grade 2 Ballet, Thursday 4:10-5:20pm

- Grade 3 Ballet, Friday 3:30-4:40pm

- Grade 4/5 Ballet, Friday 4:10-5:20pm

- Acro Level 4, Saturday 8am-8:55am (normal time, not in combined dance)

- Acro level 3, Saturday 8:55am-10:10am (20mins later)

- Acro level 2(a), Saturday 9:40am-10:55am (10mins early, 10mins later)

- Acro level 2(b), Saturday 10:25am-11:40am (20mins early)

There will be no additional cost for this extra lesson time but I would love it if it were possible for students to attend for this additional time. If any students can come along for more additional time I would also be grateful.

End of year dance concert

I honestly don’t know where this whole year had gone! It’s time to get concert ready again. This year we will be doing two shows on the 11th of November with a week of rehearsals leading up to the day.

This year’s show is called Once Upon a Twisted Tale

Over the next week I will be emailing out the following documents to all parents about our concert.

· Rehearsal Schedule

· Costume Details note

· Concert Show Run Order

· Sponsors package

If you don’t receive it within the next week, all the information will also be accessible on our website under the news and updates tab once I have finished it. The concert week is going to be massive for students and parents. I greatly appreciate parents help in making this week possible for students to attend rehearsals. It can be really hard to work out spacing on the stage when students are away.

Dance concert Sponsorship package!

As our dance school continues to grow, our large end-of-year productions are getting harder to manage without some support. This year I have decided to introduce a sponsorship package for any businesses that would like to support our student’s show and gain some advertising opportunities to our local community that come out to watch our students up on stage.

If you are interested in knowing more about our tiered sponsorship package, I will be emailing it out to all parents this week and you will also be able to find the information on our website.

Help needed for the concert

It’s not possible for me to do everything behind the scenes so I am asking again for some help from parents and friends so that these shows can run smoothly. Help is required on the Sunday, Thursday, Friday and the two shows on Saturday of the concert week.

I have attached a list of some roles I would like help with on each of the days. If you are interested in helping in any of these roles, please contact me directly with what role and days you would like to help so I can make a roster. I aim to have a different group of helpers for each show to give volunteers the option to watch one of the shows.

Ticket Sales

Ticket sales open Monday 9th of October and are only available to purchase online via Eventbrite. There will be no tickets sales at the door. Ticket sales will be open until the start of the show (unless they have sold out). To find our event you can either search for it through Eventbrite, use one of the QR codes or head to our Facebook page or website for a direct link.

Please ensure you bring your ticket with you to the concert either printed out or have it displayed virtually on your device to be able to enter.


At the start of term 4, I will be handing out some posters in class to students to help advertise our show. Please DO NOT just keep these at home but spread them around our town, putting them up at your schools, preschools and workplaces. I want this show to be a celebration of everyone’s hard work this year and I would love all of your friends, family and community members to be able to see it.

Concert Film USB!

The dance concert will once again be filmed with USB’s available to purchase. USB ordering forms will be handed out in classes at the start of term 4. A great Christmas present for family that are not able to attend and a way for our dance students to watch their dances back over and over again. Our dance concert USB’s will be $30 each.

Lions Club performance

We have been asked by the Goondiwindi Lions club to perform some of our dances at a function on Saturday 28

th of October. As this will only be a short performance on our behalf, I will only be asking a couple of groups if they would like to be apart of the show. Watch this space, more information to come.

Classes after the Concert

Term 4 classes will be 9weeks long with the last lessons held on the 2nd of November. There will also be no classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of week 8 (23rd to 25th November) as I will be attending celebrations for my childhood dance teachers 50th year of teaching spectacular.

In the 3 weeks of classes after the dance concert, students will learn new skills and techniques in each of their dance classes. Students will also use this time to learn about choreography and how to create their own dance works. The RAD ballet, Acro, Jazz and Tap students will use these 3 weeks as an intensive into learning their next level for exams.

During these 3 weeks after the concert, upon request students can also sign up and join in other dance classes to experience different dance genres. This is a great time to trial a different class before signing up next year. If you would like your child to join an additional class, please contact me directly before invoices are sent at the start of term 4.

Dance uniforms

Have you heard that we now have wide strap leotards! To get yours or any our uniforms items just send me an email and we can arrange time that suits to try some items on. See our website shop for prices and details.

Little Tots Treasures now have dance wear!

If you haven’t heard the great news already, Little Tots Treasures are now stocking Capezio dance wear! No more driving hours to get some new dance tights ready for performances. Tap shoes, Jazz shoes, Ballet shoes, toe undies, she has it all!

Public holidays

Reminder that on public holidays and pupil free days classes will still run as normal.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, I am more than happy to arrange a time to meet with you and talk (not during or in-between classes). Otherwise you can always send me through an email or give me a call.

Many thanks,


Lillian Wadsworth | Owner & Principal Dance Teacher

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