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Term 3 Newsletter

Term 3 is almost over and hasn’t it been busy! I am honestly so surprised we did as much as we have in one term. This term has included students competing in the Goondiwindi APEX Eisteddfod, our Ballet students completing their RAD ballet exams and shortly some of our Jazz and Tap students will make the brave move to complete their first Jazz and Tap exams with Comdance. It’s fair to say that holidays are well and truly needed for a lot of us.

Goondiwindi APEX Eisteddfod Results

Congratulations to all students who competed in the Eisteddfod both in Dance and those who also competed in other areas like the Instrumental, Speech and drama, vocal and choral sections. A big thank-you should also go to all those family and friends that supported our students in their endeavors. It can take a lot of courage to perform in front of an audience, especially in a competitive environment.

  • 6-7yrs Contemporary - Slow Modern/Lyrical Group 9yrs and under – 2nd

  • 8-9yrs Contemporary - Slow Modern/Lyrical Group 9yrs and under – 1st

  • 10-13yrs Contemporary – Contemporary Group 13yrs and under – 2nd

  • 14-18yrs Contemporary – Slow Modern/Lyrical Open Group – 2nd

  • 6-7yrs Jazz – Jazz 9yrs and under Group – 3rd

  • 8-9yrs Jazz – Jazz 9yrs and under Group – Highly Commended

  • 10-13yrs Jazz – Jazz 13yrs and under Group– Highly Commended

  • 14-18yrs Jazz – Jazz Open Group – 3rd

  • 6-7yrs Tap – Tap 9yrs and under Group - Highly Commended

  • 8-9yrs Tap – Tap 9yrs and under Group – 2nd

  • Heath Montgomery – Tap 10yrs Solo

  • Megan Montgomery – Tap 11yrs Solo – Highly Commended

  • 10-13yrs Tap – Tap 13yrs and under group – Highly Commended

  • Chelsea McEachern & Piper Rowe – Tap Open Duo – 1st

RAD Ballet exam & Comdance Jazz and Tap exam

A big congratulations to all our RAD ballet students who completed their ballet exams and class awards on the 13th of August. This year we were lucky enough to have an examiner come out to Gundy and watch the exams in person instead of through a camera. I think all our students really loved having someone to perform in front of and have thrived on the experience. Ballet results should arrive before holidays commence so our students won’t have much longer to wait.

Best of luck to all our Jazz and Tap students who are completing their Comdance exams. You are all so brave for giving it a try and hopefully like the ballet students you will learn from and enjoy the experience.

Week 10 viewing week!

A reminder that week 10 (12th-17th September) is parent viewing week for all dance classes. So, if you would like to sit in a watch the lesson, please feel free, otherwise wait for the big reveal come our end of year shows!

Acro classes overlapping times to prepare for combined dance

Our Acro classes will both be performing two dances at the end of year show. The 2nd dance for both classes will be a combined dance where both classes will be working together. I am planning this combined Acro dance to include to some partner Acro skills between the two classes. To facilitate this combined dance and allow the students the opportunity to practice together I would like to extend the times of the two classes commencing in term 4 for the first 5 weeks in the lead up to the concert. This would mean that the Level 2/3 acro class would be Saturday mornings from 8am – 9:15am and Level 1/2 Acro would be 8:35am to 9:50am. This would allow the students to have a 40mins cross over time to work on their combined dance together and still have individual working time to work on their own class group dance and further develop their skills work. There will be no change in cost for this additional lesson time.

RAD Ballet classes overlapping times to prepare for combined dance

Like our Acro classes, the ballet classes are combining for their 2nd dance as well. The Grade 1’s, 2’s and 3’s will be combining for their 2nd dance. To allow these students some time to practice together I would love if the Grade 2’s and 3’s could arrive early on Thursday afternoons to attend some or all of the Grade 1’s class as well starting in term 4. If this is not a possibility due to other commitments, please let me know. Again, no additional costs for the extra time.

Our senior ballet students; Advanced Foundation, Intermediate, Grade 5 and Grade 5 ballet students will also be combining. As these classes run on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings I would love if we were able to get all students together on either day. I will email all parents over the holidays to arrange how we might be able to make a combined session work for all students to attend.

Dance uniforms

Still plenty of uniform stock available. To get yours all you have to do is send me an email if you are interested and we can arrange time that suits to try some items on. See our website shop for prices.

End of year concert

It’s getting close to that time of year again and preparations are well on their way for the end of year show! Like last year, we will be doing two shows on Saturday the 12th of November with a week of rehearsals leading up to the day. This year’s show is called Into the Unknown – A space adventure

Space… What’s out there? Looking up into the night sky our imaginations can run wild with thoughts of the unknown. Are there planets like ours? What’s the weather like in space? Are there aliens? Are the aliens friendly? Maybe space is better than I imagined and there are planets made from lollies and chocolate and everything I like! Oh, if only that were true.

One day I want to go up there and find out for myself. I want to go up into the unknown.

Hopefully, everyone will receive the following documents or have access to the following information in relation to the concert.

· Rehearsal Schedule

· Costume Details note

· Concert Show Run Order

As the concert gets closer, I will be providing more information as necessary, but I have tried to get as much information out to parents as early as possible to make sure everyone is organised and prepared.


At the start of term 4, I will be handing out some posters in class to students to help advertise our show. Please DO NOT just keep these at home. Paint the town red with them, putting them up at your schools, preschools and workplaces. I want this show to be a celebration of everyone’s hard work this year and I would love all of your friends, family and community members to be able to see it.

Ticket Sales

Ticket sales open Monday 11th of October and are only available to purchase online via Eventbrite. There will be no tickets sales at the door. Ticket sales will be open until the start of the show (unless they have sold out). To find our event you can either search for it through Eventbrite, use one of the below links or head to our Facebook page or website for a direct link.

Please ensure you bring your ticket with you to the concert either printed out or have it displayed virtually on your device to be able to enter.

Help needed for the concert

It’s not possible for me to do everything behind the scenes so I am asking again for some help from parents and friends so that these shows can run smoothly. Help is required on the Sunday, Thursday, Friday and the two shows on Saturday of the concert week.

I have attached a list of some roles I would like help with on each of the days. If you are interested in helping in any of these roles, please contact me directly with what role and days you would like to help so I can make a roster. I aim to have a different group of helpers for each show to give volunteers the option to watch one of the shows.

Rehearsal schedule for concert

Hopefully, everyone has received a rehearsal schedule for the concert. If you haven’t received one or it has since been misplaced, you can find it on our website, or I can email you a digital copy. The concert week is going to be massive for students and parents. I greatly appreciate parent's help in making this week possible for students to attend rehearsals. It can be really hard to work out the spacing on the stage when students are away.

The Dancers Warehouse order

If you would like me to order on your behalf any dance tights for the end of year concert from the Dancer’s Warehouse, please complete the order form before the 30th of September. Refer to the costume details note for what your child will need to wear for each dance. The Dancer’s Warehouse order form can be completed here. If you are unsure of sizing, I do have a full set of tights available to confirm sizes. I will also email this link out to parents.

Concert Film USB!

The dance concert will once again be filmed with USB’s available to purchase. USB ordering forms will be handed out in classes at the start of term 4. A great Christmas present for family that are not able to attend and a way for our dance students to watch their dances back over and over again. Our dance concert USB’s will be $30 each.

Classes after the Concert

Term 4 classes will be 9weeks long with the last lessons held on the 3rd of November. In the 3 weeks of classes after the dance concert, students will learn new skills and techniques in each of their dance classes. Students will also use this time to learn about choreography and how to create their own dance works. The RAD ballet, Acro, Jazz and Tap students will use these 3 weeks as an intensive into learning their next level for exams. I am also currently looking into a new Contemporary Syllabus created by two of the world’s leading contemporary dance organisations: Rambert School and Rambert company. Rambert Grades is a progressive and inclusive contemporary dance syllabus. I am hopeful to introduce this new work to our contemporary students in these last 3 weeks of term as a bit of trial into the syllabus to see if we should implement it into our classes in 2023. Even though we are just little country dance school, I still want to be able to give our students the best opportunity’s possible.

During these 3 weeks after the concert, upon request students can also sign up and join in other dance classes to experience different dance genres. This is a great time to trial a different class before signing up next year. If you would like your child to join an additional class, please contact me directly before invoices are sent at the start of term 4.

Change of BSB

Please note that my current bank is going through some changes and soon the BSB number that your fees are deposited into will change. I will email all parents when this change is made officially but please pay attention to the notes at the bottom of your invoices with the account details.


Can I please remind everyone to please park in the carpark or use the stop, drop and go system and not drive/park on the grassed areas.

Missed a note handed out in class or lost an email?

If you have ever lost a note or feel like you are missing a piece of information, check out our news and updates section on our website to stay up to date. Head to today.

Adult dance classes

Our Adult Ballet classes are back on Tuesday nights from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Open to beginners so come along and bring your friends. It’s a great way to work up a sweat while having a laugh. $10 paid on the day or purchase a 5lesson pass card for $45.

Public holidays

Reminder that on public holidays and pupil free days classes will still run as normal.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, I am more than happy to arrange a time to meet with you and talk (not during or in-between classes). Otherwise you can always send me through an email or give me a call.

Many thanks,


Lillian Wadsworth | Owner & Principal Dance Teacher

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