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Term 2 – Newsletter

It was a colder than excepted second term and it went by fast! Thank-you everyone for all your hard work, it is starting to show some results as we prepare for our busy term 3. Term 3 is always super stressful for me each year with so many events on in our dance calendar. I am hoping it will again go smoothly this year and our students can get to experience many great opportunities such as our local eisteddfod.

Week 10 viewing week!

Week 10 (19th June -24th June) is parent viewing week for all dance classes.

Dance Costumes

I will be ordering the final lot of costumes for all the dances over the school holidays. All students should receive a costume note in week 10 with their next costumes and approximate price. If there are any issues with my choices, please let me know before the school holidays commence. I have tried to re-use costumes students already have for some dances to keep the costs down.

During week 9 & 10 classes we will be sizing all students for their costumes that haven’t already been measured at the start of the year. If you would rather size your child for their costumes yourself in your own time, simply send me an email this week and I can explain what measurements will be needed. All students must be measured as basing costume sizes off your child’s normal clothing sizes will lead to ill-fitting or the wrong size being purchased.

If you have not previously paid the $50 costume deposit this year. An invoice will be sent for the Costume deposit in week 10 which will be due on the 26th of June. Students that have already received costumes this year have already paid the costume deposit in term 1 and won’t be invoiced for it again.

Goondiwindi Eisteddfod

The dance entries will be held from Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th of August. The exact details of when each dance group, solo and duo is required to be at the Cultural Centre will be posted on the Lilly’s Dance Academy website and emailed to parents as soon as I become aware. The schedule is due to be released mid-July, so hopefully it isn’t too far away.

A reminder that at the Eisteddfod:

  • Parents are NOT allowed backstage unless a volunteer.

  • Students to arrive fully dressed in their first costume and have their hair and makeup fully done. A jumper over your costume would be wonderful.

  • Only bring what you need with you backstage. Food, water bottle and something to keep you quietly entertained while waiting.

  • Be willing to share the dressing room space with others.

  • Anyone being ungrateful, inappropriate or disrespectful will be promptly told to leave (no matter if they have performed their dance or not). Be humble, respectful and thankful of this opportunity and of your parents for making it possible.

  • During the Eisteddfod week dance classes will run as normal unless otherwise stated.

A rehearsal for the Goondiwindi Eisteddfod will be held on Sunday the 23rd of July. This is a great opportunity to practice spacing out the dances on the stage. If you are not able to attend the is rehearsal, please let me know ASAP as it is very difficult to space dancers out on stage when we are missing students.

Rehearsal times are listed below.

I have also made a costume detail note that highlights how students are to wear their hair, makeup, colour of shoes and tights etc. Students in the Eisteddfod should have received an email copy of this note already. Any parents that would like me to order their tights please complete the Dancers Warehouse Order form by the end of term 2.

Dance Jumpers and Uniforms

As always, we have plenty of dance unforms in stock including our dance jumpers and leggings which are perfect for these chilly days and the cold walls of the Cultural Centre come eisteddfod time. If you would like to purchase anything at all, please just send me a message.

RAD Ballet Exams/Practice Exam

Keep practicing over the holidays! The RAD ballet exams are on Sunday the 30th of July, end of week 3 next term! This isn’t far away. Below is the official timetable for both the RAD exams (Sunday 30th of July) and practice exams (Sunday 16th of July). Students are required to be ready for their exam and practice exam at the studio 20mins prior to their start time. Full exam attire is to be worn for both days. There is no cost involved for the practice exam, but it is compulsory. I have emailed out a more detailed timetable with student names to parents.

Comdance Jazz and Tap Exams/Practice Exam

Our Comdance Jazz and Tap exams will be held on Sunday the 3rd of September. I am so proud of all the students that have this year taken the plunge and signed up for the exams. Last year we had 18 exam entries and this year we are up to a massive 35! The exams are challenging so it is wonderful to see more and more students dedicating some practice time each week to make these goals achievable. To put it into perspective many dance schools in Brisbane will do these same exams with students dancing multiple dance classes a week to be successful at these same exams unlike the one class a week that most of our students have. Really amazing that we have so many enthusiastic and committed students.

Like the ballet exams a practice exam will be held on Sunday the 20th of August! There is no cost involved. Times for the practice exam will be the same as the exam. Please see the timetable to the left. A more details timetable with student names has been emailed out .

Music to help students practice for the exams is also available on this google drive folder. If you have any trouble accessing the music, please let me know.

Private Lessons over the school holidays

For any students wanting a few extra lessons (ballet exam students, solos at the Eisteddfod or Comdance exams) please let me know before holidays commence to arrange a time for a private. Private lessons cost $38.50/hr on weekdays and $55/hr on weekends. If exam sets of students would like to practice together, I am happy to work out a different price for multiple students together.

BSB update and references for payments

Please ensure you are depositing your term fees and any other payments into the correct account. The old BSB number is now no longer active! The correct account details are:

Mrs Lillian Wadsworth

BSB: 654000

ACC: 64133931

Please also ensure that the invoice number is used as a reference for all payments. 60% of all deposits still do not include any reference at all.

Second-hand dance wear – BUY, SWAP AND SELL

Our 2nd hand dancewear buy, swap and sell page is now active on our website! Here you can scroll through the items available or post your own preloved dance wear to on sell to the next student. I am not a web designer so If something doesn’t seem to be working properly just send me a message and I will try my best to fix it.

Public holidays

A reminder that on public holidays and pupil free days classes will still run as normal.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, I am more than happy to arrange a time to meet with you and talk. Otherwise, you can always send me an email or give me a call.

Many thanks, Lilly

Lillian Wadsworth | Owner & Principal Dance Teacher

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