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Term 1 Newsletter

The start to 2023 has been busy as always with students focusing hard on learning their new syllabus work and technique exercises to prepare them for the year ahead. The first term for me is always centred around technique and building a student’s foundation level by enhancing previously taught steps and integrating some new steps into their repertoire. The foundation work we do in term 1 will make learning dances and choreography in term 2 &3 easier. Our acro students in particular have been working so hard this term that almost every acro student has successfully progressed to working on a harder level skill card. I might have to change the names of my acro classes from a level 3 class to a level 4 class for example after the great developments our students have made.

It is also great to see our dance students being involved in dance outside of their regular lesson times. A big thank-you to all the students that attended the Comdance Jazz exam dance workshops for level 3 & 4 at the end of week 6. This extra time has really helped to propel these students’ learning for their Jazz exams later on in the year. I would also like to congratulate Phillippa Mooney on her acceptance into the Toowoomba Ballet Theatre’s, ‘The Snow Queen’ after her successful audition. The Snow Queen will be showing at the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba on the 14th of 15th of April. We wish Pip the best of luck with all of her upcoming rehearsals to get show ready over the holidays. This is a big commitment and a great achievement for one of our dancers.

Parent viewing week

Week 10 (28th March -2nd April) is parent viewing week for all dance classes. During this week I plan to show all students and parents their dance costumes for all groups that will be performing a dance at the Eisteddfod.

Goondiwindi Eisteddfod

The Goondiwindi Apex Eisteddfod will be held from Monday 7th August till Saturday 12th August with entries closing on Tuesday the 9th of May. There is a limited number of entrants allowed this year however I do intend to enter all Jazz, Contemporary and Tap age groups 6yrs and above into the Eisteddfod that are ready. The Eisteddfod is a great opportunity to demonstrate what students have learnt so far and gain experience being up on stage in front of a live audience. If you do not wish for your child to be a part of the Eisteddfod or know they will be away for the Eisteddfod, please let me know before the commencement of Term 2 so I can organise stage placing accordingly.

I also have limited timeslots available for anyone interested in learning a solo or duo this year. Some students have already started learning their dances this year which has been a fabulous help to my timetabling. Solos and duos require the students to be dedicated and practice at home as well as their private lessons. It normally takes around 4 x 1hr lessons for a student to successfully learn a solo or duo. Depending on a student’s own practice, more lessons may be required. Private lessons are $38.50 during weekdays and $55 on weekends.

Costumes and costume deposits

This year I will introducing a $50 costume deposit for the purchasing of all costumes for the eisteddfod which will be purchased over the Easter holidays. This one-time $50 non-refundable costume deposit will be credited onto the term 2 invoice as an initial payment towards any costumes. If the term 1 costume deposit is not paid by the due date (3rd of April), please expect that no costume will be purchased, and your child will then have a high chance of missing out on a costume all together. Most of the costumes purchased come from overseas and stock levels are not always guaranteed. There are also often high postage costs which I try and minimalize with bulk orders. By paying the costume deposit you are confirming that a costume will be purchased if needed for your child for the Eisteddfod. Students in the 6yrs + classes in Contemporary, Jazz and Tap will at this stage all require 2 costumes for the end of year show for each class. The first costume will also be worn at the Eisteddfod. During the week 10 viewing lesson, I will be showing parents and students that will be involved in the Eisteddfod a picture of their 1st costume and emailing out approximate prices. The cost of postage and international exchange rates makes it impossible for me to give an exact figure until time of purchase (this is another reason I am introducing the $50 costume deposit). Students in the 3-4yrs classes, 4-5yrs classes, RAD Ballet students & Acro students will only require one costume and not be competing in the Eisteddfod at this stage as these students have been focusing on other things in class (they will still be doing two dances in the show). The costume fee for these students will be included on the term 3 invoice.

The costume fee is only for the costume itself and does not include any tights, shoes etc that may be required with the costume. The details of the correct shoes and tights etc for costumes will be provided at the start of term 2 to allow for plenty of time for these items to be purchased if needed.

Costume sizing

Ensuring the correct size costumes are purchased for your child is incredibly important. During week 10 classes (parent viewing week), a few volunteers and I will be sizing all students for their costumes. If you would rather size your child for their costumes yourself in your own time, simply send me an email this week and I can explain what measurements will be needed. All students must be measured as basing costume sizes off your child’s normal clothing sizes will lead to ill-fitting or the wrong size being purchased.

BSB update and references for payments

Please ensure you are depositing your term fees and any other payments into the correct account. I still have a few payments using the old BSB number. This old BSB will soon not work.

The correct account details are:

Mrs Lillian Wadsworth

BSB: 654000

ACC: 64133931

Please also ensure that the invoice number is used as a reference for all payments. 60% of all deposits did not include any reference at all.

Second-hand dance wear – BUY, SWAP AND SELL

Watch this space! I am currently working on adding a second-hand dancewear, BUY, SWAP AND SELL page to our website that members can use to advertise new or pre-loved dancewear that they would like to sell on to the next student. New dancewear and shoes can be so expensive so I am working on creating a place that our community can connect and on sell what they don’t need or have outgrown.

This page is still under construction, but it will be a member only page. So, if you are not already, please sign up to be a member on our website. You can do this by clicking the Log in button at the top right-hand corner. I hope to have these page up and running early on during the school holidays.

RAD Ballet exams & Comdance Tap and Jazz exams

This year I would love to offer RAD Ballet exams to all students that are ready and meet the age requirements. This year I will not be holding an information session for either the RAD Ballet Exams or the Comdance Tap and Jazz exams. Instead, if any parents or students have any questions about the exams, please feel free to ask me about them during the week 10 lessons. Entries for the RAD Ballet exams close on the 26th of April (week 2, term 2). I will be emailing our ballet students some information on costs, requirements, attire and possible dates over the holidays so we can start confirming our entries for the year. The exam entries for the Comdance Tap & Jazz exam are not due until around mid-July so I will be emailing more information about these exams in term 2. I am currently working on the scheduling of the Comdance exams being on a weekend between late August and early September. This will hopefully be confirmed over the holidays.

Dance exams are not easy and are meant to be a challenge, requiring a lot of practice and time. Students must be able to perform all exercises and a solo dance for their exams. Our ballet students have the opportunity of sitting a class award instead of a ballet exam if they prefer.

Correct dance shoes & correct attire

As we commence term 2, all students are to wear correct dance shoes, attire and hair-tired back off their face for each dance genre. Please refer to the enrolment information for 2023. Hair must be worn in a bun for all Ballet classes. Graded RAD ballet students also require Black character shoes and skirts (I do have some skirts available to borrow) for the girls and lace up black character shoes for the boys. I have pictured these items below. Please email me if you have any questions at all. I have leotards, dance pants, skirts, jumpers available to purchase but I do not sell the dance shoes for the various classes. There is a list of websites and locations that the correct shoes can be purchased from in the enrolment information documents (A copy of which is located on our website under the enrolment tab).

Missed a note handed out in class or lost an email?

All notes, newsletters and important updates made throughout the year can always be found on our website. This way if you ever think you are missing out on some information you can look on our website to find the answers you need fast. Head to today.

Public holidays

Reminder that on public holidays and pupil free days classes will still run as normal.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, I am more than happy to arrange a time to meet with you and talk (not during or in-between classes). Otherwise you can always send me through an email or give me a call.

Many thanks,


Lillian Wadsworth | Owner & Principal Dance Teacher Phone: 0474182187 Email:

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