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Reminder - Comdance Practice exams

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Don’t forget that our Comdance Practice exams are on this weekend, Sunday 28th of August! I have listed the times below for everyone. These times are exact the same times that the real exam on the 11th of September will be held. I aim to make the practice exam as close to the real dance exam experience as possible for students so that they can feel confident and prepared when they enter the real exam. The practice exam is only short and this isn’t an opportunity to go through the exercises slowly, rather this is a chance to understand the exam process. If you would like a private lesson to go through the exercises slowly and refine your technique I do have some time slots available on Fridays and Saturdays. Private lessons are $38.50 on weekdays and $55 for weekends for an hour.

Times - Sunday 28th of August

(Please arrive at least 15mins before the exam start time to warm up and attach the exam numbers)

9:00 -9:15am Grade 1 Jazz - Paisley

9:15 -9:35am Grade 2 Jazz - Ocean, Imerie & Parker

9:35 -10:03am Grade 3 Jazz - Megan, Lexi

10:18-10:48am Grade 3 Jazz - Pip, Grace, Issy

10:48-11:08am Grade 1 Tap - Alexis, Piper, Abigail

11:08- 11:23am Grade 2 Tap - Megan, Heath

11:23-11:43am Grade 2 Tap - Emidey, Eddie, Olivia

12:13-12:28am Grade 4 Tap - Chelsea


Please wear the dance uniform you attend to wear for the real exam. Your Lilly’s Dance Academy Leggings or shorts with your Leotard or boys dance T-shirt is perfect to wear!

- Neatness of appearance will be taken into account with the allocation of marks. - Light make-up may be worn but not needed. - No jewellery for any Examination with exception of medical or religious bracelets. - Hair to be pulled back either in a tight high pony tail or bun. Please use hairspray where needed.

Girls: Any colour leotard or waist length dance top (no bare midriff). Black or coloured tights must be worn over or under the leotard – tights may be full length, ¾ length or shorts. Unitard of any colour. Leotard and short skirt – any colour. Boys: Black tights or straight-legged pants of any length. Any colour close fitting T-shirt (not singlet). Black or white (or black and white) tap shoes. Each set of candidates should be similarly attired where possible. Any Colour Tap shoes and any colour Jazz Shoes.

What to bring

Water Bottle

Many thanks, Lilly Lillian Wadsworth | Owner & Principal Dance Teacher

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