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Online Classes during Covid-19 restrictions

What a crazy few weeks it has been! I hope you are all doing well and keeping active and safe at home. I have really missed teaching so much these last few weeks and have been finding it a little hard to get motivated and navigate this new normal. But... I finally have a plan for term 2. I would hate to cancel classes and would love to try and continue classes to the best of our ability while all the restrictions are in place. Below I have attached an alternate timetable for our online live-streamed lessons. This timetable is only a proposed timetable and is open to adjustments before classes recommence on the 20th of April. I will try to suit the needs of the majority of students where possible. When making this alternate timetable it was really important for me to understand that students would be completing these lessons in their homes in most likely common family areas such as a lounge room. I have therefore tried to finish all classes earlier to try not to affect other members of the family and disrupt the family households too much by this intrusion. This means that many classes are now in the mornings instead. Depending on the outcome of school students in term 2 this timetable may also be adjusted slightly.

All 3-4yrs and 4-5yrs lessons will be pre-recorded each week and uploaded to a Google Drive file that will be accessible to all parents and caregivers of these students. New videos each week will be uploaded on either Monday or Friday to correspond with students regular lesson days. These pre-recorded lessons are designed to be accessed multiple times and repeated as many times as you like. I would encourage parents and caregivers to try these simple lessons with your child rather than just playing the video for them to watch. Sadly during this time of restrictions, there will be no Adult Dance Classes. I am confident that together we can work something out to be able to continue classes during this time. Please if you have any concerns, send me a message or give me a call.

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