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2020 Dance Concert DVD Order form

With ticket sales to both shows now sold out, I want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to watch their child dance in some form. I have organised with Wayne Pratt to record the show and make some DVDs! DVD’s of the concert will be pre-order only with a minimum of 25 DVDs needed to be ordered to make this possible. The cost of the DVD’s will be determined once the total number of orders are in, but to give you an approximate figure it will be around $20-$30 ea. 

If you would like a DVD of this year’s dance concert please complete the attached order form and email it through to I will also be handing out a hard copy of this form in class if you would prefer to do that instead. 

All DVD orders need to be submitted by Monday 26th of October. 

Concert DVD Order Form
Download PDF • 123KB

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