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Dance Concert Week!

Hi Everyone,

Next week is Concert week with our first full dress rehearsal starting on Sunday. Attached below are all the documents to get you through the crazy week. These include:

  • Rehearsal schedule

  • Costume details

  • Helpers Roster (this has been updated)

  • Concert run order (this has been updated)

Important things to remember:

  • No normal classes next week as we will be at the cultural centre all week

  • Students to enter through back stage door and be signed in/out by a parent each time they enter/leave

  • A list of students names will be outside each dressing room area for where they can station themselves - the areas will be the same as previous years. Some students that dance across multiple age groups have only been assigned to one area so please see the lists.

    • 3-4yrs & 4-5yrs in river room

    • 6-7yrs in store room in main hall

    • Boys on balcony

    • 8-9yrs in ‘Dungeon'

    • 10-12yrs in girls dressing room backstage

    • Seniors in boys dressing room backstage

  • Students to bring with them food, water and something to keep them quietly entertained during long rehearsals.

  • For all full dress rehearsals, students are to arrive ready in first costume with hair and makeup done and bring with them any other costumes needed.

  • Please remember to label everything! It is also a great idea to have a named box or something that your child can keep all their costumes, hair things etc in.

  • Please remember to pack some hair ties, pins, nets, brush, spray and anything your child may need if they have to have their hairstyle changed if needed for a dance.

If you have any questions about the week please let me know.

concert helpers list
Download PDF • 131KB

Concert Run Order
Download PDF • 250KB

Costume Details for concert
Download PDF • 726KB

2023 Dance concert rehearsal schedule
Download PDF • 190KB

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