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Lockdown - classes cancelled for 3days

Hi Everyone,

It is with much disappointment that classes over the next 3 days are now cancelled. The Queensland Premier's announced today that Greater Brisbane and anyone that has been in Brisbane from the 20th of the March is required to lockdown for the next 3days as of 5pm this afternoon. Unfortunately, as my husband and I were in Brisbane over the weekend of the 20th of March, we have both been informed that we now need to isolate for the next 3 days. This sadly means that classes today, Tuesday and Wednesday are now cancelled. Classes before 5pm on Thursday are also cancelled. I will include a credit for these missed classes on next terms fees. At this stage, classes on Thursday (after 5pm), Friday and Saturday this week will be going ahead as planned.

I was greatly looking forward to the parent viewing lessons this week and am disappointed that parents and students of these classes will now miss out on this wonderful opportunity. As I had planned to measure all students this week for costumes, I will be sending emails out later today with how to correctly measure your own students this week at home. I will also include information on what each of the costumes will look like that will be purchased at the start of next term.

Many thanks for your understanding, Lilly

Lillian Wadsworth | Owner & Principal Dance Teacher

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