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How to use Zoom for your dance lessons.

The majority of our dance lessons will be run through the live streaming service Zoom during term 2 while Covid-19 restrictions are in place. Here's everything you need to know about using Zoom to have the best possible dance lesson.

Setting Up


In preparation for using zoom next week, I encourage everyone to please follow the following steps.

  1. Please download the zoom app on the device you intend to use for the lesson such as a phone, tablet or computer. This device will need a camera. You can click on this link to download the app.

  2. Create an account. It is free to create a basic account with Zoom and this is all you will need.

  3. Have a play. I suggest getting students to have a play with the service with a group of friends to get a handle on how to use it before classes commence on the 20th of April.

  4. Pick a space to complete your dance classes each week that can best allow students to move freely.

  5. Ensure that the camera of your device allows for the full body of the student to be seen where possible. This makes it is easier to give students feedback like I would during normal lessons.

Connecting to your live-streamed lesson each week


The live-streamed sessions will open 5mins before classes commence to allow for everyone to get into the session and have your device working effectively for the lesson. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Please log in to your zoom account.

  2. You will be emailed an invitation to a zoom session that contains a link, a meeting ID and a Password. If you don't receive a link before the 20th of April please contact me directly. This will be the same details you will use each week and for all your different lessons. You can either connect by using the Link or the meeting ID number and password.

~ To connect using the link ~

  • Click on the link and it should open the below webpage in your browser with the following pop-up.

  • Click on the Open Zoom button on the pop-up to get to the following screen.

  • Click on Join with Video to go to a waiting room where I will then be able to let all students into the live-streaming session for the commencement of their lesson each week.

~ To connect using the Meeting ID and Password ~

  • Open your zoom app and click on the Join button located on the homepage. Ensure you are logged into your account first.

  • Enter the meeting ID emailed to you and the students first name before clicking Join. Then when prompted enter the Password.

  • This will take you to the waiting room where I will be able to admit students into the lessons each week during the 5mins before class starts.

During the Lesson


Once in the live-streamed session students are to please ensure that their microphones are muted unless they need to ask or answer a question. This ensures that there is minimal feedback during the lesson from other devices. Having other electronic devices next to the one you are using has also been found to cause feedback issues with the sound.

Students will also need to click on the speaker display on the top right-hand corner of their screens and pin my screen by clicking the 3 blue dots on the top right-hand corner of my particular video display. This will be the most practical display for the duration of the lesson. Students that have multiple lessons that proceed each other will simply stay in the original session.

Any bad behaviour during these lessons will not be accepted and students will be asked to leave the session.

Can't connect or have any technical issues with the service


If during your lesson time you are either unable to connect to the Zoom session or have any technical difficulties please text me on 0474182187. Please do not call as this can be very disruptive to the lesson if it has already commenced.

A note about Tap lessons


As tap will now be done at home where the flooring may not be suitable for students to wear their shoes, students can choose to wear other shoes for their lessons. Please ensure that if you do choose to wear different shoes that they can provide an adequate heel and toe beat. If students are insistent on wearing their tap shoes another good idea is to do your lessons on a portable square of timber, vinyl or even an old office plastic floor mat. Please also note that it is more important to have the camera set up to be able to see students feet than there beautiful faces for Tap.

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