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Acro Progression test

Hi Everyone, I hope you all are enjoying our brand new Acro classes with Miss Ally.

In our Acro program, all students have currently been learning the primary level as this the foundational level for more complex steps/ tricks in the future. Before moving onto Level 1, all students need to be able to demonstrate their knowledge and ability of these steps to ensure that they are able to safely begin learning the next set of; flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering & tumbling techniques. Next Saturday the 13th of March will be a test opportunity during the student's acro lessons for them to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities in order to move up to a new level. Students will be assessed in pairs by Miss Ally and will each be given a progress card that will show which steps the students have been able to demonstrate correctly, and which steps might still need a little more practice. Once a student can demonstrate all of the steps on their card successfully, they will be able to learn more complex steps in class in Level 1. I have attached a copy of the progress card below so students who would like to move onto the next level can practice at home this week.

Many thanks,

Lillian Wadsworth

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